New Format of Notification on Employment of Foreign Citizens to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Since September 9, 2019, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has introduced a new format of notification regarding the employment of foreign citizens (Order by the Ministry of Internal Affairs N363, dated June 4, 2019). Generally, the formats have not changed significantly, but the margins of cell have increased for a more detailed data input, and additional sheets have become possible to use. It has led to a new obligation for employers: if the notification includes more than one sheet, it should be bound, numbered and certified on the back of the last sheet of the document.

The new formats are presented on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in information systems.

The use of outdated formats or violation of the notification terms could entail penalties for employers in amount 400,000 – 1 million rubles (Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg), or 400,000 – 800,000 rubles (the other territory of the Russian Federation), or suspension of the company’s activity for the period 14 – 90 days (actual for the entire territory of the Russian Federation).