ABU Accounting Services has been providing professional services in accounting, payroll, HR administration and legal compliance for more than 30 years. 


ABU’s major advantages include:

  • One-Stop Shop concept

    ABU can provide the full scope of back-office support to the Company, including but not limited to accounting, tax compliance, payroll, HRA, legal compliance, Interim directorship services, Chief Accountant or the part of the services required from time to time due to the business or local compliance needs.

  • Professional English speaking team

    Our professional team includes of qualified and certified consultants with extensive experience in payroll, HRA, legal compliance and also in interaction with the Russian tax authorities and Social Funds. We support our Clients during tax audits and represent the Clients interests in front of the local tax authorities in the courses of audits.

  • Our partners

    We represent global business process outsourcing leaders in Russia.





    The local business environment in Russia is quite challenging for international companies. Economic sanctions have forced multinationals to wind down local operations and start liquidation of local subsidiaries. Under the current circumstances, liquidation might be more complicated and it is highly probable to attract the attention of local regulators and cause a tax audit.

    As an alternative option, companies take a decision to transfer the local activity to the minimum level and stay in a dormant status for the interim period. Be aware that have a dormant status does not release an entity from the compliance obligations and statutory reporting fillings even in the absence of operational activity.

    Our ONE STOP SHOP solution covers all major compliance areas and enables the retention of a dormant local entity for the interim period*.

    Download leaflet (76Kb, pdf)


    ONE STOP SHOP solution 
    for the interim period

    Presence of Director with direct employment by the local entity

    Directorship services under the full supervision by the Parent company


    Availability of a registered address

    Domiciliary services, maintenance 
    of post-mails


    Statutory reporting
    on a quarterly basis

    Submission of all mandatory fillings



    Payment agent services

    Payments processing from ABU bank accounts to the third parties: vendors, tax authorities, social funds, etc.