Employment law

The Russian employment and migration legislation remains one of the most formal fields of law. Even minor non-compliance with standards and procedures determined by the local employment law causes significant risks to the Company. The Company and its management bears administrative, and in some cases criminal liability for violation of the local employment laws. In certain cases, the Head of the Company might be disqualified from holding management position for the period of up to 3 years.

The situation becomes even more complex when we are speaking of employment and further employment relations management with foreign personnel. Dynamically changing migration laws do not provide even a minor possibility to waive or postpone the fulfillment of new requirements. Along with administration penalties to both the Company and its Head, the Company may be banned from employing foreign personnel of a certain categories and this may trigger a significant negative impact to business.

Therefore, in accordance with established practice, it is very important to duly build “employee-employer” relations from the very beginning. In order to protect the Company’s business interests and comply with requirements of the local legislation, along with the on-boarding of personnel, it is necessary to pay careful attention to development and localization of Company internal Policies as well as to issues related to Labour Safety in the Russian subsidiary.

We have extensive practical experience in employment relationships and migration support of international and local clients, and are able to provide necessary assistance to your Company.


Our services include:

  • Legal advice on employment law
  • Development of employment contracts and addenda
  • Development (localization) and negotiation of HR Policies including, but not limited to: Internal Labour Regulations, Bonus Policy, Business Trips Policy, Compensation and Benefits Policy, Personal Data Protection Policy etc.
  • Development or/and localization of job descriptions
  • Development of services agreement with individuals and form of acts of services acceptance
  • Support in employment relationship termination at Company initiative and mutual agreement of the parties
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for disciplinary action and legal assistance during the process
  • Development of non-standard internal HR orders
  • Development of employee consent on personal data processing
  • Professional Due diligence of full HR documentation
  • Assistance during checks of State Labour Inspectorate.