Incorporation services


We follow Fast Start-Up concept that allows our Clients to start business activity in certain jurisdiction as soon as practically possible. This Fast Start-Up approach stands for incorporation of the legal entity (or accreditation of the Branch/Representative Office of your Company in Russia) subject to subsequent provision of accounting and tax compliance services by ABU that allows our Clients to be fully compliant from the first day of Russian subsidiary creation.


Please note that under the Russian law, it is impossible to appoint a non-Russian resident as a Managing Director (as well as Head of the Branch/Representative Office) without breach of the Russian laws. Therefore, we render ‘interim directorship services’. It means that we appoint our employee to act as a Managing Director (or Head of the Branch/Representative Office of the Russian subsidiary of your Company) during the incorporation period until all permissions (working permit and visa) are obtained with respect to a non-Russian resident who will be further appointed Managing Director/Head of the Branch of Representative Office.


We also provide a migration support and obtain all necessary permissions for the labor activity in Russia, arrange the letter of invitation to enter the territory of Russia for your colleagues form the Head Office and foreign partners under the business visa.