Migration support services

Labor activity in Russia generally requires that a foreign employee get all respective permissions. The documents of non-CIS countries include a work permit and visa. The employer (Russian subsidiary) have to obtain these documents. If a foreign citizen works without the mentioned documents, he/she directly violates the Russian migration legislation and it leads to high risks as for the Company, so for a person, including deportation from the Russian Federation with possible subsequent prohibition to entry.

Presence of foreign personnel in a Russian subsidiary is often an essential condition of the subsidiary operation. Therefore, it is very important to ensure full compliance with the Russian migration law and control its constant changes.

ABU Specialists are glad to provide full scope of Migration Support Services and keep you updated on legislation changes.

Our services include:

  • Legal advice on migration law
  • Preparation of documents for foreign personnel engagement, working permits for foreigners with visa and visa-free regime
  • Support in obtaining of working permits of Highly Qualified Specialists category
  • Preparation of documents necessary for letters of invitation for Russian business visas
  • Migration registration
  • Assistance in voluntary medical insurance, life and health insurance.