RAEX ranking results. ABU sustainable growth.


The new ranking of the largest companies in accounting function outsourcing, compiled by RAEX ranking agency, has been published.

We are happy to point out that our company has continued its sustainable development and demonstrated 13,6% growth, following the results of 2020, and has preserved its leadership position in the Russian market. This has been regardless of the general slowdown in overall revenue growth rates of the ranking participants.

Total income of the largest representatives in the outsourcing market has grown, following the 2020 results, by comparable indicators, only by 3% (with the inflation of 4,9%).
Diagram 1. Revenue Growth Rate in the Largest Groups and Companies in Accounting Function Outsourcing (%)

Growth rate (%)
Source: RAEX, according to information from the rating participants in 2011-2021

As RAEX analysts note, the future of outsourcing involves digitalization and modernization of technologies and services.
Svetlana Vesnina, ABU Managing Partner, commented on this trend:

“Robotization of routine operations by providers acquires great importance – ‘it permits us to increase the data processing rate, cut the cost of services and minimize human factor risks. In the foreseeable digital future, from the relatively-conservative profession of accountants, one will also expect skills of analytical work used for systemizing processing results of robotized operations”.

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